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Mulch film waste cause increasing environmental concerns as well as greater grower costs for the disposal. Truly Biodegradable mulch film offers growers the option to dispose mulch waste cost-effectively on-site by composting or ploughing, turning it into an environmentally friendly biomass, water and carbon dioxide.

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Imaflex Can-Eco mulches are made from certified plastic materials proven to meet international composting standards like Astm D6400 in Usa or EN 13432 in Europe and they are expected to meet the criteria of the forthcoming Astm standard (Work Item 29802) for certified biodegradable mulch.

Can-Eco mulches biodegrade faster in compost than in soil, because of the lack of oxygen in soil. The thinner the gauge, the smaller the area, the faster Can-Eco mulches will biodegrade. It is natural, because soil microorganisms can digest a massive tree buried in soil 100-times faster, if it is shredded into wood chips before. Therefore, Can-Eco mulches are recommended to be disked properly before ploughing to accelerate biodegradation in soil.

The thicknesses of Can-Eco mulches need to be selected for the growing period of the specific crop to be grown, e.g. for lettuce 8 weeks growing period 0.5 mil, or for large tomatoes 15 weeks 0.6 mil, to prevent biodegradation on soil, which can cause holes or tears leading to the loss of plastic mulching benefits.

Imaflex experience shows that a choose thickness of Can-Eco keeping its integrity on soil for a whole growing season will biodegrade in soil during the next growing season.

Imaflex metalized Can-Eco increases bio-fumigant efficacy and additionally offers all the benefits of high-reflective metalized films.

Bacterial digestion of Can-Eco leaves only carbon dioxide, water, and biomass behind and in case of metalized Can-Eco in addition to aluminum minerals naturally present in top soil at 300,000 times higher amounts.

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