Mulch, Solarization & Fumigation Films

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Plastic mulches combined with drip irrigation offer growers many benefits for highly-productive horticultural production of fresh fruits and vegetables over bare ground: increased yields, reduced consumption of scarce resources and valuable input materials as well as healthier plants:

  • 75% lower water consumption
  • 50% less fertilizer use and leaching
  • reduces weed infestation
  • mitigates weather fluctuations
  • Adjusts soil temperature
  • reduces soil compaction and erosion
  • promotes earlier maturing crops
  • promotes higher quality crops
  • increases crop yields up to 300%

Soil disinfestation of weeds and soil borne pathogens is indispensable in horticultural production. Solarization films in combination with solar heat and fumigation films in combination with volatile pesticides, called fumigants, are special mulch films for soil disinfestation. Total impermeable fumigation films (TIF) allow for lower doses of expensive fumigants by preventing their escape into the atmosphere.

Imaflex advanced thin Can-Grow mulch & solarization films and Can-Block total impermeable fumigation barrier films (TIF) are made from our proprietary eXtra Strong Blend and offer all the benefits of 35% thicker and heavier commonly used LDPE mulches, resulting in:

35% less plastic use per acre lowering input costs
35% less plastic waste
lowering disposal costs and carbon footprint