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Company Profile

Imaflex is focused on the development and manufacturing of innovative solutions for the flexible packaging and agriculture markets. The Company’s flexible packaging products are largely used to protect and preserve and consist primarily of polyethylene (plastic) films and bags, including garbage bags, as well as metalized films. Our custom made polyethylene films are mainly sold to printers, known as “converters”, who process the film into a finished product to meet their end-customer needs. The films are also used directly by our customers to protect and market their own products, or bought by distributors for re-sale.

Our agricultural films are finished products, predominantly sold directly to end-users by lmaflex. They are available in a variety of formats and include both metalized and non-metalized films. Our portfolio includes common mulch and fumigant barrier films, which are also available in a compostable plastic, as well as innovative crop protection films, that add pest/weed control and/or accelerated growth benefits beyond those provided by our common mulch films.

Imaflex operates three manufacturing facilities. Two are located in the province of Québec, including Montréal (Imaflex Inc.) and Victoriaville (Canguard and Canslit), and one is located in Thomasville, North Carolina, USA (Imaflex USA). Imaflex and Imaflex USA specialize in the manufacture and sale of custom-made polyethylene films and bags, along with non-metalized agriculture films. Canguard specializes in the manufacture and sale of industrial bags using recycled material, including garbage bags, compostable bags, gaylord bags and bags on rolls. Canslit specializes in the metalization of plastic film primarily for food packaging and agricultural mulches. We believe that our manufacturing presence in both Canada and the United States provides a competitive advantage in terms of logistics, currency, manufacturing presence and cost leadership.

The common shares of the Parent Company, Imaflex Inc., are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “IFX”. The Company’s head office is located in Montréal (Québec).

Our Mission

Because of our commitment to R&D we are and will remain a leader in the blown polyethylene and metallized film industry. We are committed to mastering the following three fundamentals of successful enterprises:

  • Clear vision of goals
  • Correct timing of action
  • Commitment to customer

Meet our President and CEO: Joe Abbandonato

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