Commitment to Quality and Customer Service

Imaflex management is committed to taking a leadership role in developing, and maintaining quality products. To achieve this objective, management understands the importance of on-going journal training for employees, and that product testing in a consistent and measurable manner be maintained in all aspects of the operation. Therefore we have chosen and have committed ourselves to development, documentation and implementation of the ISO philosophy.

To support our commitment to quality and customer service, Imaflex’s analytical laboratory is equipped with reliable accurate testing instruments. Certificates of analysis generated in our lab can be provided covering various physical, mechanical and surface properties of our different products. This is achieved under controlled ambient conditions of temperature and relative humidity according to ASTM and ISO standards.

Our team of product development engineers review customer applications and assist them in determining the film characteristics best suited for a particular application.

Computerized workstations and state of the art control equipment enable product quality to be controlled and or monitored in real time. This allows for immediate corrective action on all nonconforming products, thus ensuring that customer standards are met consistently.

Imaflex creates and manufactures additive concentrates tailored to specific applications for all polyolefin film products produced in our manufacturing facilities. These additive concentrates are designed to enhance our film properties destined for the many market niches we serve.



  •  HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Certification - Imaflex U.S.A.) 
  • ISO 9001-2015
  • USPS ( U.S. Postal Services )
  • C-TPAT ( Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism )
  • IMS ( Interstate Milk Shippers )
  • FDA approved and Health Canada no objection Status.