Agricultural Films

Our agricultural films represent the future: thinner, stronger, durable, environmentally-friendly and economical. As well, our crop protection films add integrated weed and pest management, growth acceleration and yield enhancement benefits.


At Imaflex Inc., we constantly strive to create films specifically designed to help growers increase their crop yields, while lowering costs. It is the reason why we develop and offer advanced agricultural film solutions.

Mulch, solarization and fumigation films that can be utilized for greater cost effectiveness by reducing the amount of plastic mulch per acre needed, without compromising strength, longevity, and specific buffer zone credit needs, or any known benefit
of plastic mulching.

To underscore our commitment to sustainable agriculture, we designed compostable films and crop protection films providing active integrated pest and weed control to our product family. The performance of our films has been scientifically proven and certified by environmental authorities.

Our Products

Mulch, Solarization and Fumigation Films:

Fractional gauge heavy duty XSB mulch, solarization and Totally Impermeable Film (TIF) fumigant barrier films, proudly manufactured in the USA

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Compostable Films:

Meets ASTM-6400 Compostable Standard and expected to meet forthcoming ASTM standard (Work Item 29802) for certified biodegradable mulches

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Crop Protection Films:

High-reflective metalized mulches and fumigation films for insect-vectored disease control, growth promotion and yield enhancement

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Control release films for Nutsedge and broadleaf control

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