Converter Films &
Industrial Bags

Imaflex manufactures a wide variety of films to meet the flexible packaging needs of the industry’s many segments.

In the food related segments, Imaflex makes films for the packaging of bread, frozen foods, pet foods, fruit and vegetables, and many more too numerous to list.

Imaflex also produces films which will act as sealants in laminated products. These films are used by our converting customers in order to bond with other types of films, such as nylon or polyesters, in order to address the barrier protection needs of a particular food, such as meat, cheese, cold cuts, coffee pouches, etc.

In the non-food related segments, our films are formulated to service the paper products, security bags, courier bags, bags for clothing ware, boutique bags, etc.

Over and beyond the hundreds of formulas already created to meet our customer needs, Imaflex has a team of top notch polymer engineers who create films as demanded by our ever increasing customer base.

In order to minimize its carbon foot print Imaflex recycles all of its scrap, which is generated by the many resin formula changes we make in servicing of our varied customer base.

Over and beyond the recycling of our own polyethylene scrap, we buy that generated by our converting customers and use both in the manufacturing of industrial bags, including garbage bags, compostable bags, gaylord bags and bags on rolls.

Due to our many formulations and film possibilities we strongly recommend that one of our sales reps be involved in helping you choose a customized solution to meet your specific needs.