Warnings for Safe and Effective Use

  • Read and understand all labels, warnings and instructions for safe and effective use.  Failure to do so could result in damage to crops, fields, and film.
  • Use for one crop during one growing season only.
  •  Select film thickness according to length of growing cycle.
  • Regularly inspect film integrity because lifespan varies with the intensity and duration of exposure to environmental conditions as well as the type and quantity of chemicals used in the agricultural process.
  • Store and transport rolls of film in vertical position with original packaging in a cold dry place. Exposure to moisture and direct sunlight/heat before application may reduce performance.
  • Inspect film before application and do not use damaged segments.
  • Install film on raised beds tapered down from center and secured at edges without depressions/pockets to facilitate rainwater run-off; collected water will reduce lifespan of film.
  • Install on loose friable soil with normal moisture conditions. Prepare soil by eliminating objects that could puncture film.
  • Do Not install film immediately after bed top fertilization.
  • During installation reduce likelihood of tearing by avoiding excessive tension and properly preparing soil.
  • Do Not use strong acid or alkaline formulations of agrochemicals or supplemental products because they will damage film. Follow instructions on all supplemental products used.