Crop Protection Films

Crop protection films are a new class of mulches, whose development is spearheaded by Imaflex.  They add integrated pest management to the accepted benefits of mulch, solarization and fumigation films.

Our crop protections films are either physically surface modified or contain chemical or biological substances to:

  • protect plants or plant products by repelling insects or limiting disease transmission by insects
  • destroy or limit the growth of pests
  • control or suppress the growth of weeds or undesired plants
  • control or modify the growth of plant (other than as nutrients)

Imaflex high-reflective metalized films are surface-modified with a hair thin aluminum mirrored layer that reflects 90% of incident solar light for repelling insects, delaying disease transmission (with fewer or no insecticide application) and accelerating plant growth for earlier and higher yields in strawberry, pepper, tomato, citrus, raspberry and blueberry crops.

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Imaflex ADVASEAL® technology is for the controlled release of selective chemical substances for Soil disinfestation of weeds and soil borne pathogens. The chemicals are continuously and completely released over a couple of days leading to better efficacy, higher crop yields and lower application costs

ADVASEAL® HSM releases a selective herbicide to control certain broadleaf weeds and nutsedge and is the first controlled release mulch ever receiving a pesticide registration worldwide. ADVASEAL® HSM releases HalosulfuronMethyl (HSM) a selective herbicide to control nutsedge and certain broadleaf weeds and is registered by US-EPA for approved crop uses on asparagus, cucumbers, cantaloupes, melons, pumpkins, squash and tomatoes.

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Download the ADVASEAL label and MSDS here.