Advaseal Technology

ADVASEAL® is a coated plastic mulch film for the controlled releases of one or multiple pesticides for the control of fungal pathogens, weeds and/or nematodes in soil prior to planting (Soil Disinfestation).


  • Mulch Film provides structural support for the 3-layered coating and typical mulching benefits
  • Barrier coating Layer distributes water across the film for homogenous release
  • Depot coating Layer entraps and protects pesticides
  • Protection coating layer safeguards operators from direct pesticide contact and controls the release time

Mode of action

  • Difference in the water absorption capacity of the three coating layers generates an osmotic pressure “pumping” the pesticides into the soil.
  • Release time is adjustable from days to a couple of weeks by the degree of cross-linking of protection layer.


Pre-Metered, high-speed, multilayer precision coating on plastic mulch guarantees homogenous distribution of pesticide release across the bed/field.


ADVASEAL® technology‘s efficacy, simplified application features and unmatched user safety eliminates economic and environmental issues associated with common fumigant or pesticide spray application for soil disinfestation.