Can-Shine - Insect Repellent Mulches

Metallized, UV-reflective films for conventional and organic fruit and vegetable production for additional insect and disease control.

The unique ability of aluminum foil mulches to reduce insect populations on plants and to spur plant growth and yield in horticultural production by reflection of sunlight was first reported in the late 50's.

Can-Shine metallic aluminium layer reflects sunlight effectively in the same way as aluminium foil, meaning from ultraviolet (UV), over photosynthetic active (PAR) to infrared radiation (IR), at the same level and consequently with the same results.

  • UV-reflection impairs the ability of sucking insects to locate and feed-on plants, which delays/prevents disease transmission by the insects.
  • PAR reflection stimulates plant growth as well as fruit development, yield and crop quality.
  • IR refllection moderates soil temperature, which reduces root stress of plants grown in hotter climates. For cooler climates Can‐Shine Heat Trap mulches with 1 or 2 black strips down the center are available to warm the soil.

What differentiates CAN-SHINE from black, white, or silver pigmented mulches is its ability to reflect UV radiation combined with the higher level of reflectivity of all radiation by the hair thin mirror like aluminum layer bonded to the surface of the plastic mulch.

Our metallized, high-reflective films have been proven in numerous trials and commercial productions:

  • to reduce viral diseases transmitted by thrips, aphids, whiteflies and other diurnal insects
  • to be more effective than chemical insecticides and to be safer for honey bees