CAN-BLOCK TIF Fumigation Films

for fumigated mulched raised bed fruit and vegetable production. Available in ≥ 0.8 mil in advanced XSB quality and 1 mil common LD quality with EVOH Barrier.

Can-Block fumigation films offer all common known benefits of plastic mulching.

Fumigation films can prevent undesired and expensive fumigant loss to atmospheric emissions and allow for reduced fumigant rates for effective pest control compared to standard mulches.

The higher a tarp’s buffer zone credit (BZC), the better it keeps fumigants in the soil, the less money is wasted for undesired fumigant emission.

All Can-Block films qualify as total impermeable film (TIF) for the highest buffer zone credits according to the US-EPA standards with chloropicrin,1,3-dichloropropene, PicClor60, Telone® C-35, InLine®, and the use with PALADIN® fumigants, visit

  • Available in 0.8 - 0.9 mil advanced eXtra Strong Blend (XSB) and optional as 1 - 1.25 mil common LD quality with EVOH barrier.
  • Can-Block Xsb v-TIF offering cost savings over thicker LD films, because XSB are the thinnest fumigation films qualified for the highest buffer zone credits yet by EPA and also for the use with chloropicrin in California, see
  • Can-Block Evoh Tif provides an extra barrier to nuisance odors of DMDS containing fumigants, like PALADIN®, as stipulated by Florida State regulations.