CAN-GROW - Mulch Films

for mulched raised bed fruit and vegetable production. Available in ≥ 0.6 mil advanced XSB quality matching ≥ 0.9 mil common LD mulch film performance.

Can-Grow textured mulch films are used in horticultural production to suppress weeds, control soil temperature, retain soil moisture, reduce fertilizer leaching, decrease soil compaction and improve crop quality and yields.

Can-Grow mulches are available in advanced eXtra Strong Blend (XSB) quality.

Can-Grow mulches have proven to be easy laying, while providing an excellent tight bed fit and season-long stability for easy removal in one piece.

What separates XSB from LD materials is a larger crystalline structure resulting in the increased strength and weatherability of the films. XSB blown films are as strong as a common cast LD films, yet 30% thinner and lighter.

Learn more by downloading our XSB mulch benefits flyer.

Thickness of a film does not affect the benefits of mulching.

Since tarps are sold by weight, lighter and stronger CAN-GROW XSB films in 0.6 - 0.9 mil offer a cost-effective alternative to equivalent common LD films in 0.9 - 1.25 mil by
  • reducing plastic mulch use/cost per acre
  • speeding up laying operation by more XSB footage per roll of equal weight
  • reducing plastic waste disposal costs