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Mulch is available in several blends of polyethylene resins (linear, low density, high density, etc.). Different blends produce different strengths and abilities, e.g. fumigant retention.

What separates Imaflex eXtra Strong Blend (XSB) from low density (LDPE) is a larger internal crystal structure, resulting in higher strength and weatherability. Thin XSB films have been proven to lay easier, hug the soil/bed better, and resist damage/punctures for the whole season.

Muches made of Imaflex XSB are superior to LDPE mulches of the same thickness!

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Or in other words, thinner Imaflex Xsb films are a match for a 30% thicker Ldpe film in strength, stretchability and structural integrity in the field!

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Can-Block fumigation films as thinner Xsb and thicker Ldpe quality.

Film thickness does not affect the benefits of mulching. Since mulches are sold by weight, thinner film means reduction in cost and less plastic waste for growers.

Can-Block v-Tif Xsb is the thinnest fumigation film yet, which was qualified as total impermeable film (Tif) according to Us‐Epa and Cdpr standards for the use with Pic, 1,3‐D, Pic‐ Chlor 60, Telone® C‐35, and InLine®.

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Imaflex Xsb mulches can save you more than $500 per 25 acres over Ldpe tarps, because of their lower weights!

More row acreage with fewer stops of your plastic mulch layer with Imaflex Xsb, because more Xsb footage fits on a roll, without exceeding the advised maximum roll weight of 125 lbs. by Nisoh for safe handling.

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Can-Grow® and Can-Block® are manufactured by Imaflex Usa, Thomasville, NC. Please contact your local sales rep or call us: 336-474-1190 or 941-284-6334

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